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11 Juny 2001

PureBasic V2.32 (AmigaOS)

- Added: FileSystem library
- Added: Picasso96 library
- Added: ReadMemory(), WriteMemory(), SetWindowTagList()
- Added: Async palette fade
- Added: New commands for Chunky library
- Added: Procedures can now returns strings
- Added: WaitWindowEvent()
- Added: CompilerIf, CompilerElse, CompilerEndIf, CompilerSelect...
- Added: Path change when running a program from the editor (no need to put absolute path anymore)
- Added: Editor: Auto-casing and contextual online help.
- Added: Data support (new commands: Data, DataSection, EndDataSection, Read, Restore)

- Changed: PokeS(), now returns the number of characters 'poked' (handy)
- Changed: OpenWindow() (to be compatiable with other OSes)
- Changed: The whole gadget library (to be compatiable with other OSes)

- Fixed: A compiler bug (Structure can't be redeclared a second time..)
- Fixed: A member in a structure used but not initialized
- Fixed: Sprite lib (debugger and priority to the end)
- Fixed: a Picture bug
- Fixed: Screen/FontRequester(): now returns 0 when cancelled.
- Fixed: ReadString(), Str()
- Fixed: A lot of editor bugs

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