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Wenn Sie diese Seite besuchen, möchten Sie sicherlich erfahren, was andere Software-Entwickler sagen. Lesen Sie hier einige Kommentare (im englischsprachigen Original) über diese mächtige Sprache... ;-)

Ricardo Arias, Argentina
"I come from Visual Basic.
Then I was searching for something small, with no runtimes, speed and easy too.
Maybe PureBasic doesn't have that quantity of sourcecode available, but a great community that always help each other."
Kale, United Kingdom
"To be quite honest I had never even heard of it, but after a few days toying with the demo I thought all my prayers were answered !
The overall reasons for PureBasic was: small, very fast, Win32 Api and GREAT support from you guys on the forum, especially Fred ! Buying PureBasic has proved to be a great experience."
The Beck, USA
"PureBasic is actually the first serious Windows programming I have ever done. It is the first language that gives me both the power I need and the ease of use for me to be able to pick it up in my very limited spare time.
All the other basic languages for windows were a joke and unusable due to their many limitations. If it weren't for PureBasic I simply would not be programming today."
Timo "Freak" Harter, Germany
"I've been programming QuickBasic some time ago. By the time, I hit every limitation it had; I stopped programming applications for some time. I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead. I had a short look on C, but the code looked to ugly, and I was too lazy to learn something new. I only heard bad things about Visual Basic, so that was never an option.
After I found PureBasic, It took me one day, to see, that it would be the right choice."
Denis, France
"I found PureBasic accidentally on a French download site. Then I tried it and now, I like it.
Yes it's cheap, easy to understand, powerful (Asm code inline, possibility to develop own libs in Asm or C, Windows Api and a lot of structures), structured programming and many other tools. And a good community..."
SimpleMind, Netherlands
"The main reason I'm using PureBasic is its easiness in coding and its capability to create a Windows program in no time. Of course as any other language, PureBasic has its conventions you must obey but the concept is clear with a limited set of language elements and a huge function set."
Max, Germany
"Maybe two weeks before Christmas, I was on sourceforge.net, if I remember right and saw an ad there for Purebasic. I downloaded the demo and it seemed to have what I lacked most from Visual Basic: A compact executable!
Before purchasing I also checked the forums and was fond of the people willing to help. It looked like, that most problems occurring could be solved by just visiting the two main forums.
I bought very quickly and never regretted it."
"I frequently need to create custom GUI apps for my clients. PB has the right mix of speed, ease of use and features to satisfy my needs and my clients. The Visual Designer app is truly a plus in my book..."

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