Result$ = ResolveXMLAttributeName(Node, Attribute$ [, Separator$])
Returns the expanded name of the given node's attribute in a document that uses XML namespaces. The expanded name consists of the namespace uri (if any) and the local attribute name, separated by the separator character given in 'Separator$'.


Node The node to use.
Attribute$ The attribute to resolve.
Separator$ (optional) The separator to use when concatenating the namespace and the local attribute name. The default separator character is "/".

Return value

In a document using namespaces, returns the expanded name of the attribute if it could be correctly resolved or an empty string if a namespace prefix is used that is never declared (which is invalid).

In a document without namespaces, returns the attribute name itself.


Note: Unlike with node names, the default namespace is not applied to attribute names that do not have a namespace prefix. So attribute names without a namespace prefix simply get their local name returned.

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