Result = WindowEvent3D()
Checks if an event has occurred on any of the opened 3D windows. InputEvent3D() needs to be used to send events to the 3D GUI system to be able to have window events.

WindowEvent3D() returns the next event from the event queue and returns zero when there are no more events. It doesn't wait for the next event - it always returns immediately.

To get the window number in which the event occurred, use the EventWindow3D() function.



Return value

Possible Events are:
  #PB_Event3D_Gadget         : a Gadget3D has been used
  #PB_Event3D_CloseWindow    : the window close gadget has been pushed
  #PB_Event3D_SizeWindow     : the window has been resized
  #PB_Event3D_MoveWindow     : the window has been moved
  #PB_Event3D_ActivateWindow : the window has been activated (got the focus)

See Also

EventWindow3D(), InputEvent3D()

Supported OS


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