AddVehicleWheel(#Entity, #WheelEntity, ConnectX.f, ConnectY.f, ConnectZ.f, AxisX.f, AxisY.f, AxisZ.f, MaxSuspensionLength.f, WheelRadius.f, TractionWheel, RollInfluence.f)
Add a new wheel to a vehicle previous created with CreateVehicle().


#Entity The vehicle entity to use.
#WheelEntity The entity to use for the wheel.
ConnectX, ConnectY, ConnectZ The starting point of the ray, where the suspension connects to the chassis.
AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ The axis the wheel rotates around.
MaxSuspensionLength The maximum length of the suspension (in meters).
WheelRadius Radius of the wheel.
TractionWheel If sets to #True, this wheel will be a traction wheel: ApplyVehicleForce() and ApplyVehicleSteering() can be used on it. If sets to #False, no force can be applied to the wheel.
RollInfluence Reduces the rolling torque applied from the wheels that cause the vehicle to roll over. (0.0: no roll, 1.0: physical behaviour). If friction is too high, it could be needed to reduce this value to stop the vehicle rolling over.

Return value


See Also

ApplyVehicleBrake(), ApplyVehicleForce(), CreateVehicle()

Supported OS


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