StatusBarText(#StatusBar, Field, Text$ [, Appearance])
Sets the text for the specified status bar field.


#StatusBar The status bar to use.
Field The field index to set the text. The first field index starts from zero.
Text$ The text to set to the specified statusbar field.
Appearance (optional) It can be used to alter the look of the field with the following values:
  #PB_StatusBar_Raised    : raised borders (has no effect on OS X and Windows with theme enabled)
  #PB_StatusBar_BorderLess: without border 
  #PB_StatusBar_Center    : center the text in the field
  #PB_StatusBar_Right     : align the text to the right of the field
The options can be combined together with the '|' (OR) operator :
  #PB_StatusBar_BorderLess | #PB_StatusBar_Right : Borderless right aligned field.
For a working example look at CreateStatusBar().

Return value


Supported OS


<- StatusBarProgress() - StatusBar Index