UserGuide - First steps with the Debug output (variables & operators)

Normally we would present here the typical "Hello World". You want to see it? Ok here we go with two examples:

Debug output

"Hello World" in the Debug output window:
  Debug "Hello World!"


"Hello World" in a MessageRequester():
  MessageRequester("", "Hello World!")

Advanced Debug example

We now continue with a short example using the available variable types, arithmetic operators and displaying the result:
  a = 5
  b = 7
  c = 3

  d = a + b  ; we use the values stored in variables 'a' and 'b' and save the sum of them in 'd'
  d / c      ; we directly use the value of 'd' (= 12) divided by the value of 'c' (= 3) and save the result in 'd'

  Debug d   ; will output 4
This way you have used variables "on the fly". To force the compiler always declaring variables before their first use, just use the keyword EnableExplicit.

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