WriteProgramStringN(Program, String$ [, Flags])
Writes the given string to the specified programs input (stdin) with an extra newline character.


Program The program to use. It must have been started before with RunProgram() and the #PB_Program_Write flag.
String$ The string to write. An extra newline character will be appended to the string. To write a string without a newline, use WriteProgramString(). To write raw data to the program, WriteProgramData() may be used. This function may also be used to send an EOF (end of file) to the program which tells the program that there will be no more input.
Flags (optional) The string format to use when writing the string to the program input. The default format can be affected with the #PB_Program_Ascii, #PB_Program_Unicode and #PB_Program_UTF8 flags for RunProgram(). This can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Ascii  : Writes the string as ascii
  #PB_UTF8   : Writes the string as UTF8  (default)
  #PB_Unicode: Writes the string as unicode

Return value


See Also

WriteProgramString(), ReadProgramString()

Supported OS


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