Result = LoadMesh(#Mesh, Filename$)
Loads a new mesh. Before loading a mesh, an archive must be specified with Add3DArchive().


#Mesh A number to identify the new mesh. #PB_Any can be used to auto-generate this number.
Filename$ The filename of the mesh.

Return value

Nonzero if the mesh was successfully loaded, zero otherwise. If #PB_Any was used for the #Mesh parameter then the generated number is returned on success.


Mesh is required to be in the OGRE .mesh format. A command-line tool based on assimp is available to convert many 3d formats into the OGRE mesh, including materials and animations. It can be downloaded here: OgreAssimpConverter.zip (Windows only). Some problems have been reported with shadow and converted meshes, if that happen use OgreMeshUpdater.exe on the newly converted mesh and it should fix it.

It is also possible to use existing exporter for Milkshape, Lightwave, Blender or 3DS Max. More information may be found on the OGRE website.

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