MaterialFilteringMode(#Material, Mode [, MaxAnisotropicValue])
Changes the material filtering mode.


#Material The material to use. If this parameter value is set to #PB_Default, the filtering mode value used for future created material is changed.
Mode It can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Material_None       : Don't filter the material which becomes very pixelated when the camera gets close.
  #PB_Material_Bilinear   : Performs a bilinear filtering when the camera gets close, resulting to a smooth, a bit blured picture.
  #PB_Material_Trilinear  : Performs a trilinear filtering when the camera gets close, resulting in the best picture quality possible.
  #PB_Material_Anisotropic: Set the maximum anisotropic value.
When a material is created, the bilinear filtering is used by default. Using a filter doesn't have a big performance impact on the rendering, as many graphics cards do it using the hardware.
MaxAnisotropicValue (optional) The maximum anisotropic value, if the mode #PB_Material_Anisotropic is set. This value is usually between 1 and 8.

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