Result = GetFunction(#Library, FunctionName$)
Checks if the library, previously opened using the OpenLibrary() function, contains the given function and returns the function pointer.


#Library The number of the library which contains the functions to find. This number must be identical to that used previously with OpenLibrary().
FunctionName$ The name of the function from which to get the pointer. The function name is case sensitive.

Return value

Returns the address to the function in the library on success and zero if the library does not contain a function with that name.


The function can be called by its address using prototypes. The functions CallFunctionFast() and CallCFunctionFast() can also be used for that, but prototypes are the recommended method as they are more flexible.

See the prototype section for an example.

See Also

GetFunctionEntry(), CallFunctionFast(), CallCFunctionFast(), prototypes

Supported OS


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