Color = GetGadgetItemColor(#Gadget, Item, ColorType [, Column])
Returns a color setting from the specified gadget item.


#Gadget The gadget to use.
Item The item from which to get the color. The first item in the gadget has index 0.
ColorType The setting to get. This can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Gadget_FrontColor: Item text
  #PB_Gadget_BackColor : Item background
Column (optional) The column from which to get the color for gadgets that support multiple columns. The first column has index 0. The default is column 0.

Return value

Returns the current color setting. This function returns the color that was previously set by SetGadgetItemColor(). If no custom color is set for the #Gadget and ColorType, the function returns #PB_Default.


This function is supported by the following gadgets:

- ListIconGadget()
- TreeGadget()

Note: With activated Windows XP style the color will probably be overwritten by the style.

See Also

SetGadgetItemColor(), GetGadgetColor(), SetGadgetColor()

Supported OS


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