Result = ButtonGadget(#Gadget, x, y, Width, Height, Text$ [, Flags])
Create a button gadget in the current GadgetList.


#Gadget A number to identify the new gadget. #PB_Any can be used to auto-generate this number.
x, y, Width, Height The position and dimensions of the new gadget. Note: on OS X, using an height of 25 will enable the fixed height button type, which is commonly used in OS X applications. It will also make the #PB_Button_Default flags available.
Text$ The text to display on the button.
Flags (optional) A combination (using the bitwise OR operator '|') of the following constants:
  #PB_Button_Right     : Aligns the button text at the right. (not supported on Mac OSX)
  #PB_Button_Left      : Aligns the button text at the left. (not supported on Mac OSX)
  #PB_Button_Default   : Makes the button look as if it is the default button in the window (on OS X, the height of the button needs to be 25).
  #PB_Button_MultiLine : If the text is too long, it will be displayed on several lines. (not supported on OSX)
  #PB_Button_Toggle    : Creates a toggle button: one click pushes it, another will release it.

Return value

Returns nonzero on success and zero on failure. If #PB_Any was used as the #Gadget parameter then the return-value is the auto-generated gadget number on success.


A 'mini help' can be added to this gadget using GadgetToolTip().

The following functions can be used to control the gadget:

- SetGadgetText(): Changes the text of the ButtonGadget.
- GetGadgetText(): Returns the text of the ButtonGadget.
- SetGadgetState(): Used with #PB_Button_Toggle buttons to set the actual state (1 = toggled, 0 = normal).
- GetGadgetState(): Used with #PB_Button_Toggle buttons to get the actual state of the button (1 = toggled, 0 = normal).


  ; Shows possible flags of ButtonGadget in action...
  If OpenWindow(0, 0, 0, 222, 200, "ButtonGadgets", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered)
    ButtonGadget(0, 10, 10, 200, 20, "Standard Button")
    ButtonGadget(1, 10, 40, 200, 20, "Left Button", #PB_Button_Left)
    ButtonGadget(2, 10, 70, 200, 20, "Right Button", #PB_Button_Right)
    ButtonGadget(3, 10,100, 200, 60, "Multiline Button  (longer text gets automatically wrapped)", #PB_Button_MultiLine)
    ButtonGadget(4, 10,170, 200, 20, "Toggle Button", #PB_Button_Toggle)
    Repeat : Until WaitWindowEvent() = #PB_Event_CloseWindow

See Also

SetGadgetText(), GetGadgetText(), SetGadgetState(), GetGadgetState(), ButtonImageGadget()

Supported OS


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