Result = SendFTPFile(#Ftp, Filename$, RemoteFilename$ [, Asynchronous])
Sends a file to a FTP server.


#Ftp The connection to use.
Filename$ The name of the file to send. If the filename does not include a full path, it is interpreted relative to the current directory.
RemoteFilename$ The remote filename. It has to be in the current ftp directory (see GetFTPDirectory() and SetFTPDirectory()).
Asynchronous (optional) If set to a #True, the transfer will be made in the background. The default is to block the program until the file has been fully sent. The progress of an asynchronous transfer can be received with the FTPProgress() command and it can be aborted using the AbortFTPFile() command.

Return value

Returns nonzero if the file was uploaded correctly, or the asynchronous transfer was initialized correctly. On failure, the return-value is zero.


Only one file can be downloaded or uploaded (see ReceiveFTPFile()) in the background at once.

See Also

ReceiveFTPFile(), SetFTPDirectory(), GetFTPDirectory(), FTPProgress(), AbortFTPFile()

Supported OS


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