AttachEntityObject(#Entity, Bone$, ObjectID [, x, y, z, Pitch, Roll, Yaw])
Attach an existing object to an entity bone. An object can be detached from an entity with DetachEntityObject().


#Entity The entity to use.
Bone$ The bone name in the OGRE mesh. If the bone name is empty, then the object is not attached to a bone but directly to the entity.
ObjectID The object to attach. It can be one of the following types:
  - Entity : use EntityID() as 'ObjectID'.
  - Camera : use CameraID() as 'ObjectID'.
  - Light  : use LightID() as 'ObjectID'.
  - BillboardGroup : use BillboardGroupID() as 'ObjectID'.
  - ParticleEmitter: use ParticleEmitterID() as 'ObjectID'.
x, y, z (optional) The relative offset position of the attached object.
Pitch (optional) The pitch to apply to the attached object.
Roll (optional) The roll to apply to the attached object.
Yaw (optional) The yaw to apply to the attached object.

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