SetRenderQueue(ObjectID, Queue [, Priority])
Change the render order of the specified object.


ObjectID The object ID to convert the coordinate from. It can be one of the following type:
  - Entity         : use EntityID() to get a valid ID.
  - Light          : use LightID() to get a valid ID.
  - Mesh           : use MeshID() to get a valid ID.
  - ParticleEmitter: use ParticleEmitterID() to get a valid ID.
  - BillboardGroup : use BillboardGroupID() to get a valid ID.
  - Text3D         : use Text3DID() to get a valid ID.
Queue The queue number to use to render the object. Queue number can be from 0 (background) to 100 (foreground). The default queue is 0, and is render behind all the other render queues.
Priority (optional) The priority to use within the queue. Valid values are from 0 (background) to 10000 (foreground).

Return value


Supported OS


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