Result = LoadWorld(Filename$)
This function loads an entire world. Currently, the Quake3 BSP format is the only one supported but more formats will follow. The Filename$ must be accessible in the 3D path, so the Add3DArchive() function should be used before calling this function. A world can be easily created using third party tools like 'Quark'. A world can contain a sky, building, lights and more. Actually, all Quake 3 maps can be loaded out of the box with full detail. If the 'Result' is 0, the world could not be loaded.

The BSP format is owned by iD Software and can only be used in freeware programs. Commercial software must acquire a license from iD to use this format. The license scheme is beyond PureBasic and Fantaisie Software can't be responsible for the incorrect use of this function.

Supported OS


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